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Possible Variations None.
On Return Please help future guests by adding details of your walk to the ‘Walks Log Book’ in the Information Point on the ground floor of the Bunkhouse when you get back.








PLEASE NOTE : Walking is a potentially hazardous activity and all walks are undertaken entirely at your own risk.  You should carry a detailed map and a compass and know how to use them. It is each walker’s responsibility to ensure that the walk and the weather conditions are within their capabilities. Route descriptions are provided for general information only and should not be relied upon as being correct or accurate – routes can be affected by a range of factors including building works, farming and forestry activity, and the re-routing of paths, etc. The walks cross private land. Please follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and ensure that no damage is caused to private property or interference caused with crofting, farming, stalking or forestry activities.




Stage 1 : On leaving Ifferdale Farm, turn right and follow the track up Saddell Glen. After about 300 yards, pass on the right the point where the Kintyre Way joins the track. Continue straight ahead on the Kintyre Way.  About 30 minutes after leaving Ifferdale Farm, the track turns to the left and crosses the Ifferdale Burn. Follow the track for about 25 minutes as it climbs gently uphill, bearing right at the Y junction and admiring the views across Kilbrannan Sound towards Arran as you gain height.






Saddell Glen




Stage 2 : At the T junction (about 35 minutes after crossing the bridge) turn left, leaving the main route of the Kinytre Way which  goes to the right at this point. About 20 minutes later, turn left at the T junction. (You may see some old Kintyre Way markers.) On a clear day, there are excellent views across Saddell Glen, across Kilbrannan Sound to Arran and across to Ailsa Craig as you continue along the track. After a further 20 minutes, the track crosses under some electricity cables. Ignore the track off to the right and follow the main track down to the road (the B842).






View over Kilbrannan Sound


Stage 3 : Turn left and follow the road towards Saddell. At the bottom of the steep hill, just after the ‘Saddell’ sign (and before crossing the bridge), turn right and walk along the driveway towards Saddell Castle. (In 1508 James IV, King of Scotland, granted the lands of Saddell Abbey to David Hamilton, Bishop of Argyll, with licence to “build castles … and fortify them with stone walls”. Saddell Castle was the result, a tower-house typical of the period. It was probably completed by 1512, and used by the Bishop as an occasional residence. It subsequently passed through various hands before being acquired by the Landmark Trust in 1975. The Trust offers holiday lets in




restored historic buildings.) Just before reaching the castle, turn left, follow the track over the bridge, and then bear right towards the beach – a perfect place for a picnic and/or paddle.






Saddell Castle


Stage 4 : After visiting the beach, return to the bridge over the Saddell Water. On the Saddell Castle side of the bridge, go through the gap in the wall on the right and down a few steps. Follow the track though the woods (muddy in places) to rejoin the driveway half way between the Castle and the road. Turn right along the driveway and walk up to the road. At the road, turn right. After 100 yards, turn left to visit Saddell Abbey. (Little remains of the abbey (originally built about 1148) but  the main attraction is not what still stands of the structure itself but the remarkable collection of late medieval grave slabs and effigies that marked burials here during the active life of the abbey, and




which are now protected from the elements in a       purpose-built shelter. There are twelve of these stones on show at Saddell, dating back to the 1300s or 1400s.)






Saddell Abbey


Stage 5 : After visiting Saddell Abbey, continue along the B842 road towards Saddell Glen. After about 200 yards, turn left and follow the track along Saddell Glen back to Ifferdale Farm.




Total Time : 2 ¾  – 3 Hours, excluding stops.  










Please help future guests by adding details of your walks to the ‘Walks Log Book’ in the Information Point on the ground floor of the Bunkhouse when you get back. If you identify an error in the route description, or scope for making it clearer, please record that in the Log Book so that the description can be amended/improved.

(The ‘Walks Log Book’ contains details of walks undertaken by previous guests. You may find this a useful source of information when planning your walks. It contains information on distances, times, potential navigational difficulties, and hints and tips for getting the most out of the walk.)








(Revised : May 2016)
































Saddell Bay




9 Miles / 14 Kilometres –  About 3 hours, excluding stops.


Grade 2 – Moderate.
Start Point Ifferdale Farm (Grid Ref : NR 771338)

OS Explorer Map 356 or OS Landranger Map 68

End Point


Ifferdale Farm (Grid Ref : NR 771338)
Transport None required.


Underfoot Conditions Forestry tracks, minor road, beach, farm track. (Mainly dry underfoot.)
Highlights Views across Kilbrannan Sound to Arran and across to Ailsa Craig.

Sandy expanse of Saddell Bay.

Saddell Castle and ruins of Saddell Abbey.

Route See the detailed route description below. The first part of the walk follows the Kintyre Way and other forestry tracks. The second part follows the B842 and the farm track back to Ifferdale Farm, with detours to visit Saddell Bay and Saddell Abbey.

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